Rates and occupancies

Prices and the minimum stay are indicated during the reservation (by pressing the "Book Now" button) and include all taxes and the Climate Resilience Fee of €1.5/night/room. The exact amount of the charge is available to the customer during the on-line booking for reasons of simplicity and convenience. The rooms have a specific capacity which is mentioned on the page of each room and also during the reservation. There are no different prices for fewer people than the maximum number stated in each room. Therefore, our rooms can be reserved for fewer people than the one mentioned, but there are no special prices and they are charged according to the normal capacity of the room.


All reservations require a 30% deposit of the total amount of the reservation. You can pay during the reservation by credit or debit card. You can also make a deposit to a bank account after the booking process. The reservation will be valid for a limited time until the bank transfer is completed. This time is clearly stated in the email of the reservation or is notified to the customer with the respective communication method of the reservation. When and during email booking inquiries, no room is reserved for the length of time the customer communicates with our reservation manager or is implied, unless expressly stated in any of the email communications. Therefore, only upon completion of the bank transfer is the room reservation completed.


Children of all ages are welcome. The accommodation has 1 cot to cater for younger children but the number of children under 3 should be agreed first. Donoussa is a very remote destination with no hospitals, no specialized treatment in the village clinic, no pharmacy and few boat schedules. It is therefore recommended that you bring with you all the medicines that you and your child may need.

Minimum and maximum stay

The minimum stay for any booking is 3 nights. The maximum stay is 15 days in the months of May, June and September and 10 days in the months of July and August.


We accept pets in our guesthouse. The only rule is that the animal should not sleep on the bed. We would ask you to bring the necessary care accessories with you, as this will help us to better clean the space and prepare it for the next guests.

Unannounced visitors

No more people than those agreed intially at booking time are allowed to stay in any room in our accommodation. If any violation is discovered for any reason (e.g. appearance of a sudden guest for the already staying guests, invitation for third party guests to stay in the accomodation etc.), the management may cancel the reservation of existing residents entirely and evacuate the room by legal means in accordance with the Article 8 of law 1652/30.10.1986 (FEK 167 A’). In order to avoid such circumstaces, unpleasant for the management and guests, it would be prefereable that the management is informed of the individual case or incident (e.g. sudden visitor of already staying guests) and finding an agreement on the matter so that legal settlement is avoided.

Check-in & Check-out

During high season periods (determined by boat schedules – usually after the beginning of June) the check-out needs to occur by 11.00 am

We will be at the port to pick you up as soon as you arrive and take you to our guesthouse. The arrival and departure boat information is necessary for this reason and is always requested during the reservation. If you have a vehicle then again we will meet you at the port to welcome you and give you information on how to get to us.

Upon your departure we will take you to the port again. When the ship departs in the evening then we can keep your luggage at the guesthouse and then transfer your luggage to the port where you will collect them for your departure.

If you do not arrive at or depart from our accommodation by boat (eg arrival from/departure to another accommodation on the island) then the check-in and check-out are arranged with the customer based on the availability of the accommodation. Also if you wish to delay your check-in time after your boat arrives please inform us.


If you come by car or motorcycle, you will be able to park outside our hostel. The space is privately owned and there is no charge.


Our accommodation provides breakfast in a basket (included in the price).




Payment/Deposit by credit or debit card

You can use your credit card to pay the deposit during your reservation. Please note that your card is not charged at the time of your reservation. It usually takes a few minutes or in some cases it may take a few days. The timing of billing depends on several factors and occurs when all of these factors are met. These include the completion of incomplete booking information by the customer, such as problematic completion of card details, omission of arrival and departure information from the customer, lack of announced ship itineraries, etc. or other organizational issues of the accommodation, banking difficulties, etc.

Credit card details are not stored in any form in our servers. The handling is done by beds24.comand they are responsible for all customer financial information and other privacy and protection laws. If you wish to know the exact processes, the information that is stored and how it is used you can read here their privacy policy or contact them directly at

Credit or debit cards accepted are Visa™, Mastercard™ and Diners Club™.

Payment/Deposit by bank transfer

You can prepay the whole amount or pay your deposit of your reservation in the following account:

IBAN: GR5401408390839002002004353

and send us a copy of the transaction by email at or inform us by phone at +30 6988476663.





Cancellation charges of a reservation with deposit paid:

– 30 days before arrival: Free (deposit return)
- From 30 to 15 days before arrival: charge 30% of total stay value (deposit withheld)
– From 3 days to the day of arrival: charge 100% of total stay value (amount charged with remaining balance of the full stay value)

Cancellation charges during your stay:

– If you decide to leave before the end of your reservation, regardless the reason, the full amount of the reservation will be required.


Changes can be made up to 15 days before the arrival date for free (based on availability) and refer only to the same set of reservation days. If the change concerns a reduction in the days of the total stay, the reservation is considered a cancellation and the total payable amount of the reservation will remain the same as the original reservation.
The deposit will normally apply to the new reservation.
If there is no availability, then the charge follows the above cancellations table.


The fee for non-show in every case is 100% of the value of your stay