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Events and activities in Donoussa.

Donoussa, although one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades, has several events and activities that can attract any visitor.


Cleaning of Donoussa paths

Every year, towards the end of March and the middle of April, volunteers and local children are present to clean the old paths of the island or to highlight older parts of it that have been buried by time. 

Easter in Donoussa

Every big week the service is held in the central church of the village, where on Good Friday the procession of the epitaph takes place through the cobbled streets of Stavros settlement and during the tradition of the island, at the time of His procession, the housewives light fires in the alleys.

The next morning of Holy Saturday, the whole island prepares to knead dumplings (bread) and buns by lighting all the wood ovens and also prepare the stuffed goat which is the traditional food of the island for the Resurrection.

Every Easter Sunday, on the main beach of the Island, there is a representation of the burning of Judas and everyone gathers at the side of the traditional cafe of the island "the wave" so that they can see its revival.

Feast of Panagia 15 August

Every August 15 throughout Greece as well as in Donoussa, the festival of Panagia takes place where the service is held in the church of Panagia on the central village and in the evening of the same day in the port of the island a feast is set with traditional dances and live music.

Feast of the Cross September 14

The biggest festival of the island. From his stay (September 13) after the end of the service in the afternoon, food is served the traditional potato which is a kid braised with potatoes and in the evening in the port the party is set up until the morning with traditional dances and live music through fireworks and arrival of believers and boats from the surrounding islands to give the present.

Hagia Sophia Festival September 17

One of the humblest and most picturesque festival of the island, is held in the village of Mersini in the church of Agia Sofia, where after the divine service in the morning, a boiled goat is served and then descending to the source of the village the feast is set with traditional music, fun and endless dance under the plane tree of the fountain.

Donousa trail running

 Since 2017, it has become an institution on the island, its conduct and the tour of the island by fans and athletes from all over Greece and beyond.

The Donousa trail running is organized in late October starting and ending at the island square in the port.

A three-day trip with local delicacies, of course running and the opportunity to taste the view and the paths of the island at a distance of 20 and 9 kilometers (short and long route).

The evening, of course, does not lack traditional music and the awarding of athletes with plenty of dancing.

... From the very fact that we looked at the sea, the people and our hearts, our eyes filled tomorrow ...

Giannis Ritsos

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